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    Data Processing

    A mailing is only as good as its list and in turn the quality of the data. The quality of the address list is critical for the smooth realization of a mailing. We routinely use sophisticated database cleaning methods to improve lists before mailing. Duplicates are recognized and removed using a merge/purge that is second to none. Not only does preliminary data work cut down on waste and "professionalize" the appearance of your mailings, but a refined list also allows you more freedom to manipulate the data. So ultimately you reach your prospects efficiently and professionally.

    Some of the Data Processing Services we offer are proprietary and have been developed over the course of 30 years in business. If you are not sure what services you may need or are new to direct marketing don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process without any of the confusing lingo. Below is a partial list of the Data Processing services we offer along with a brief explanation.

    • List Cleaning
      • Refielding, verification, name parsing, punctuation, appending gender, ZIP correction, improving aesthetics, etc.
    • Merge/Purge
      • Bring together several lists to create a single file with a standardized format without losing peripheral data fields.
    • Elimination of Duplicates
      • Sending multiple letters to the same person is annoying, wasteful and lowers your response percentages.
    • Address Suppression
      • Match prospect files to customer files to avoiding treating a long-time contact like a stranger.
    • Assigning Codes
      • Generation of source codes, identification numbers, barcodes using dynamic relationship schemes and algorithms.
    • Creating Branch/Dealer Matrix
      • Based on geography or past purchases, link each address to a matrix of recommended store locations or authorized dealers.
    • Suggested Donation Amount
      • Using last gift value, calculate several suggested gift amounts to promote consistent renewals and upgrades.
    • Sample Selections
      • Sample of addresses may be selected using any technique: œnth, random, geographically- or demographically- based.
    • Segmentation
      • Multiple segments can be created for changes in specific variables or wholly unique mailing strategies.
    • Postal Processing
      • Receive the highest possible postal discount and the most deliverable mail your list allows with our sophisticated postal software

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